Welcome to the Midwest Kendo Federation Website! The MWKF is a regional member federation of the All United States Kendo Federation. What is kendo? Good question!

This website is meant to serve as a news hub for the Midwest Kendo Federation, which comprises dojos from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota and Wisconsin. You will find a directory of dojos, a list of upcoming events, and various forms that every MWKF kenshi will need.

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October Team Practice

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2019 MWKF Fall Taikai

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2019 MWKF Officers

President – Robert Cochran
VP of Education – Mark Sasaki
Secretary – Travis Stronach
Treasurer – Bobby Lee

Welcome to the Midwest Kendo Federation Website! The MWKF is a regional member federation of the All United States Kendo Federation.